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A carrier of progress, brought to you by a name you can trust - Maruti Suzuki. Super Carry will give your business a new identity and make all your dreams come true.


The Super C1arry provides you with a powerful engine for a stronger stride ahead, packed with a powerful 2 cylinder turbo-charged 793 cc diesel engine & an all-new 1200 cc CNG engine variant!

  • Load Bearing: Better load carrying capacity for heavy volumes.
  • Top Speed: Enjoy a high speed of 80 km/h which ensures a quicker turnaround time, more trips and greater profit.
  • Maximum Power: With robust power of 24 kW @ 3500 rpm, you can now transport heavy loads up steep inclines with ease.
  • Great Pickup: With a torque of 75 Nm @ 2000 rpm, enjoy better acceleration and greater power.


Save more with the Super Carry, as it offers you superior mileage which lets you go the extra mile. With 5 speed transmission, the Super Carry ensures both greater savings and greater profits.


The big and stable deck will give you an edge, due to its better loading capacity and stability.

  • Large Loading Tray: Sized at 3.25 m2, the large deck can accommodate great volumes, which will allow you to both carry more and generate more profit.
  • Broad Wheel Base: The bigger wheel base of 2110mm provides better stability for heavy loads.
  • Adjustable Deck: With the adjustable deck, you can load and unload with greater ease.
  • Attached Hooks: Firmly attached hooks will help you secure goods, thereby ensuring less damage to your product.


With its easy handling, driving around in the Super Carry ensures that no load feels too heavy.

  • Car-like Gear Shift: Experience greater ease with a smooth car-like gear shift.
  • Steering Wheel: The steering wheel in the Super Carry is both bigger and lighter, which ensures better comfort and control.
  • Compact Turning Radius: With a turning radius of 4.3m, maneuvering through narrow lanes in your Super Carry will be much easier.
  • Supreme Strut: Strong and sturdy strut assembly. Enhances stability, improves maneuverability and offers better ride quality.
  • Leaf Spring Suspension: Sturdy and powerful leaf spring suspension makes for better load bearing capacity. Moreover, it also enhances stability.


Ensure your safety with the Maruti Suzuki Assurance, as the Super Carry has been made with special attention given to its safety features.

  • Strong Steel Front Panel: The steel front panel is sturdy and will reduce impact and potential damage upon collision.
  • Strong Chassis Frame: The strong and rust-resistant steel chassis frame ensures that the Super Carry is extremely sturdy.
  • LSPV Brake System: The Load Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV) braking system enhances safety by adjusting the pressure of the brakes according to the weight of the load. Thumaintaining the stability of the loaded mini-truck.
  • Front Tyre Disc Brakes
  • Stepney Tyre and Battery lock: Provision for Stepney Tyre and Battery Loavailable (to be purchased separately).
  • Big and sturdy ORVMs: The Super Carry has large and durable Outside Rear View Mirrors which provide you with a clearer and better view.
  • Accidental starting of Engine: A micro-switch that cuts off fuel supply is provided on the fuel lid, which prevents accidental starting of the vehicle during CNG refueling.


Comfort makes work feel less tiresome. The Super Carry makes even the longest of journeys feel shorter.

  • Long and Sliding Seat: The single driver’s seat can be adjusted to your preference and comfort.
  • Roomy cabin: Long journeys will now be more comfortable due to a roomy cabin with extra leg room.
  • Heat Resistant Seat: Special heat resistant seat that does not let the engines heat affect the driver.


Introducing the Maruti Suzuki Super Carry CNG, with its i-GPI Technology. Now enjoy better value for money.

  • A micro-switch that cuts off fuel supply is provided on the fuel lid, which prevents accidental starting of the vehicle during CNG refueling.
  • Better pick-up (higher torque- 85 Nm @ 3000 rpm)
  • Higher load carrying capacity
  • Higher top speed of 80 km/h
  • 5 speed transmission


Introducing, the new Super Carry Cab-Chassis. This new variant will give you unmatched freedom of customizing this powerful mini truck, basis your diverse business needs.


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