• 04, May 2022
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Maruti Driving School Pratham Motors

Pratham Motors strongly believes in safe and secure driving.
It has been 3 years since Pratham Motors launched Maruti Driving School at it’s facilities in Bangalore and 5 lakh satisfied trainees are testament to our cause.

Road safety is key concern on today's roads. Safe driving today requires a higher level of confidence and competence, given the poor traffic planning, increasing number of vehicles and lack of professionalism in driving and untrained drivers on the road. To tackle these basic issues Maruti Suzuki India and Pratham Motors have launched Maruti Driving School.

Maruti Driving School provides something for everyone. A variety of courses are offered.
Individual courses (In-house Training)
Executive program (Corporate Training)
Schools & Colleges
Professional Drivers Program

Each of these courses are designed for a particular customer. We believe different people have different driving needs.

We provide an overall education to the trainee, all areas about road safety are covered in our classrooms. Followed by training on state-of-the-art virtual simulators, this is done to build confidence among trainees and familiarize them with a car. The final and most critical part of the program is On-Road training, here the trainees are made to experience driving in real time conditions.

Our aim is to ensure that each and every trainee walks out of Pratham Motors with confidence and belief.

We try to make our roads safer one driver at a time.

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