Pratham Getaway success story
  • 04, May 2022
  • Administrator

Pratham Getaway success story

We believe in giving back to our fans.

The Pratham weekend Getaway contest held for a period of 3 months was our way of giving something back to our fans.
The contest got a positive response from our fan base. It got users to interact with us and share a small part of their life. It may have been a small part, but it is the small things that matter the most.

A simple concept that our CEO believed would bring Pratham motors closer to our fans.
All things said and done, the contest brought all of us at Pratham closer to you.

Participants from all over the country took time out to upload a picture of their most amazing weekend trip. There were lot of amazing pictures uploaded of people enjoying their weekends and every single image deserved to win. But we decided to let you the user decide the winner.

It was a great experience to put a face to our fan base.
Thank you all for participating and being a part of a journey called Pratham

Pratham Motors