Pratham Motors now open at HSR Extension
  • 04, May 2022
  • Administrator

Pratham Motors now open at HSR Extension

Pratham Motors launches a state of the art servicing facility in HSR Extension, the 7th addition to the company’s stable. A expansive yet inclusive property to make customers feel at
The launch of our HSR Extension property is a game changer for Pratham Motors. A facility fully dedicated to only one of our areas of business, services, it provides a variety of options for services and is very convenient for everyone and not just the people staying in and around HSR Extension.

At Pratham Motors we are not just concerned about sales of cars. We also like to give our customers the best services on offer. We strive to make servicing not just accessible to all, but also try and do it at our customer’s convenience.

Drop in to our HSR Extension facility and see for yourself the sheer size and scale of our latest project.
Our intent is very clear, keep the customer first always. If that requires us to setup a facility just for servicing, then so be it.

Pratham Motors thanks you for support.

Services offered:
1. Car Spa – The car spa has further allowed us to enhance our services and pamper your car with a variety of treatments.
2. The Body shop – The Body shop is equipped with the latest in technology,providing you with high precision and quality repairs.
3. Automated Service Bay – The automated service bay, at Pratham motors offers you professional care and repair for your car that demand professional aftercare which allows them to achieve the best results time and time again.
4. Customer facilities – The service station has a Wi-Fi lounge with free internet access. A mobile app with information on the various offerings by Pratham along with maintenance tips.

No: 58/5, HSR Extension, Next to Zee School, Somasundarapalya, Bangalore  560068.
Phone Number : 7760998944 / 9845744404