Pratham Updated Mobile Application
  • 04, May 2022
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Pratham Updated Mobile Application

This amazing application provides you the user with a direct chat line to our CEO.
You can now give your honest feedback about your experience with the dealership. How many applications provide you with the option to Whatsapp the boss

We have strived to make our application stand apart from the typical business applications currently available in the market. The application is beautiful, remarkably well designed and full of surprisingly useful functionalities.

This application comes with some amazing new features like database integration, now you can just enter your mobile number in the app and the app pulls your service due date, insurance renewal date, and your insurance papers!
It also sets up automatic reminders on your phone for your due dates.

The app has other goodies like an accident helper which handholds you closely in case of an accident  from calling the police to towing the car to filling insurance claims.
There is also an expert tool-tips section, which gets you relevant tool-tips about your car’s performance and maintenance from the expert mechanics at Pratham.

But the most exciting feature is “getting a quote from the comfort of your own home
The next time you get a dent or a scratch on your car, just download Pratham Cares on your Android or iPhone, snap a picture of the damage and let a dealer get back to you with a quote; all while you sit back and relax at your home instead of sweating it out in a workshop queue! If you like the quote, book a service pick-up directly from the app and never let another scratch dent your image!

The application has also been recognised by Maruti Suzuki, the parent company. They have recently endorsed Pratham’s digital strategy by identifying the Pratham cares mobile application as a best practice for a dealership and recommending it to all its dealers in India.

Pratham means ‘first’, we work towards being the first to use any technology or innovation that would make a customers life more productive.

Because in the end the customer comes FIRST.

Pratham Updated Mobile Application